Solcrops - Sustainable Future

SOLCRROPS is an innovative Cold Storage powered by solar stand-alone for improving storage quality and reducing wastage of horticulture produce.

Innovation has given us access to unlimited possibilities. It provides us with resources and their optimum utilization techniques. It creates a framework of opportunities to utilize our farm products and helps us enhance our productivity. It helps our farmers to renovate and rethink new ways of farming options and help create an environment of utility.

Acquainting farmers and farm crops with technology aids in helping to be in sync with revolutionary technology. This way it becomes easier to put these farming methods globally and helps the farmers with keeping up with technology.


Affiliated with solar panels: These storages run on solar power that makes it ideal to be used by farmers that reside in villages that run low on electricity and suffer power cuts. Solar power is an innovative effort with an extremely bright future prospect.

Cold storage: These storage systems help in enhancing the longevity of the crops and help the farmers to sustain grains for longer. With crops being highly prone to perishability, it helps to store them in cold storage, also helps them in increasing their life.

Portable cold storage: Sol crops offer portable and mobile cold storage systems that help in storing and transporting grains. They have made an effort for the storage to reach the farmers. This can be a revolutionary step as it helps with mobility and checks the transportation cost in check.

Technology induced: The storage systems are induced with technology and are application controlled. It can easily be downloaded on the phones and then can be used to keep track of the stock and helps in keeping a check on the stock.



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