It's party time!



Come what may, food is something that lingers on pallets for the longest time, and we make sure that it's memorable, and brings you back time and again. We at MFB are determined to hook you up with the best of restaurants and food joints, that not only guarantee the best of food but a top notch hospitality. Creating an environment that’s bound to lighten your moods and put you to ease along with rejuvenating you to be extra prepared to take on tomorrow much more efficiently.


Accompanying your food are the beverages that complement your taste palette , inclusive of the licensed alcoholic along with creative non-alcoholic concoctions, the options for beverages are numerous. Not only do they leave you toned down, the creativity leaves you in awe, and wanting for more.


We understand how music forms a language that communicates straight with souls, hence we pay special heed to your music needs. From providing you with a plethora of options like jazz, classical, rock, or simply instrumental, we have something in store for everyone. Right from the live shows to pre- recorded playlists, we got it all. Music is enjoyed by various people differently, hence it becomes even more important to understand the individual needs and give you a time, you remember us by!

Event decor

They say the first impression lasts the longest. Hence we at mfb know how to engage your gage. Along with a good time, the environment that forms the vibe becomes kind of an essential. We provide a decor that speaks to you, describes culture and class altogether. We are determined to provide an engaging time and events that the attendees connect to.


Today it's essential to understand the importance of word of mouth. The events are talked about alright but the reach of media makes the reach explicit, with media whether its traditional or social , we attain the power to captivate larger audiences. The purpose of most events is to reach the masses. Even with intimate occasions, it is always beneficial to be known. Hence we provide you with the best of media that creates an impact with their captivating articles and photo journals.


Why do we need an effective public relation. As we put ourselves out in the market it becomes extremely important for us to understand the exposure and the environment we pose ourselves to. In today's day and age we speak of trust and quality of work the most. With numerous options available, replacements are the most easy to find. Hence we need to up our game with a responsible PR team that understands and delivers pure quality.


Our Clan comprises of a bunch of dedicated, experienced and creative people always ready to accept new challenges with one aim in common- to bring forward the best for your company.




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We love to work day and night for you but like to call it 10am to 6:30pm.